Martin Garnier – Cave De Tavel Wines

Martin has been travelling since he was a young child, following his family everywhere their father’s military career would take them.

Passionate about travel and wine, Martin then studied in Reims, at the heart of the Champagne region and graduated with a Master of Science in Wine & Champagne.

He started his professional life at Champagnes Pol Roger in the Marketing & Communication Department.

He then headed to Vietnam to be the Assistant Retail Director for Red Apron (a subsidiary of the Asian Cellars Company).

He came back to France and has been working with family wineries to help them gain recognition for their wines and unique stories.

“I am proud today to be working closely with the winemakers from the Cave de Tavel, contributing to their expansion abroad and representing their renowned wines. I can’t wait to discover North Carolina, to share the history and traditions of Tavel’s unique wine region at the heart of Southern France!