Laure Levesque – Queen of Wines

Laure Levesque, founder of Queen of Wines, and a native of France, spent her entire professional career as a brand and marketing executive for large, international corporations, while always maintaining her passion for the enjoyment of food and wine that was engendered by her family’s long history with French vineyards. “The French definition for breakfast,” said Laure Levesque, “is the only meal of the day without wine. For my family, and most European families, the food, the wine and the connections formed through meals pairing both, are the key to balance and happiness.”

Seeing the growing passion for farm-to-table foods in the United States, Laure Levesque wanted to share the French tradition of vineyard-to-table wines. “Good food is important,” said Laure Levesque, “but when combined with a wine you enjoy, it enhances so much the pleasure of the meal!” Queen of Wines back labels on each bottle provide information that empowers the customer to make an informed wine selection, with details on the temperature to serve it at, how long it can be stored, wine’s precise blend and tasting profile, as well as food pairing recommendations.

Laure Levesque’s relationship with the finest Chateaux of the Bordeaux region has helped introduce some of the most sought-after French wines to North Carolina. More than a century ago, on April 18th of 1855 at the request of the Emperor Napoléon III and with the Paris World Fair in mind, a wine classification was published. The list includes 61 wines, all coming from the ‘left bank’ of the Bordeaux wine region.