Wednesday Night Wine Dinners 4/25

The wine dinners are held in private homes where visiting chefs will be paired up with a local chef. A featured winemaker is also present, as they guide the audience through the multi-course dinner, typically 4 – 6 courses.

During the in-home wine dinner at the King home, there will be a special CHEF’S VIEWING TABLE in addition to outdoor seating. There are only 10 seats available for the CHEFS VIEWING TABLE.


Home of David and Anna King
Host Chef: Charles Park, Beaufort Grocery Co.
Guest Chef: John May, Piedmont Restaurant
Winemaker: John Freeman, Precept Wines



Home of Tom and Debra Werner
Host Chef: Anthony Garnett, Blue Ocean Market
Guest Chef: Amy Tornquist, Sage and Swift
Winemaker: Guy Davis, Davis Family Vineyards

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