Start Training for the Running On Empty Road Race NOW!

Running On Empty Beaufort Wine and Food Craft Beer Festival Road Race Fun Run 5k 10kAre you counting down the days until our inaugural Craft Beer Festival? September 24th is coming faster than you think, and while lifting a glass of beer to your lips may not require a great deal of arm strength, we’re already starting to train. Our Running On Empty Road Race is just 3 months away, and you can choose from a 1 mile fun run or walk, 5k, or 10k race!

Want to do something different and rewarding? Well, our Craft Beer “Running on Empty” Road Race may be just the thing you need to try. According to this article, three months is the perfect time frame to make you a 5K runner, because it’s just enough time to get you into shape — without trying. You can train for it and still have a life.  Even if you are a total couch potato, following simple, easy steps and committing at least three days a week for half an hour per day will make you into an athlete ready to tackle the race with ease. Registration is now open! Details and forms are available here.

Our Craft Beer Festival on September 23rd & 24th will be held in Historic Beaufort and will feature beer seminars, luncheons, and dinners held in breweries, pubs, and restaurants. You can look forward to a Beer Walkabout and our always-fun Beer, Bubbles, and BBQ day event. Though the event focuses mainly on craft and microbrews, the main idea is to promote and experience North Carolina brewery creations and samplings. Our confirmed festival lineup, details, and tickets for the events will be available soon.

At Beaufort Wine and Food, we strive to give back to the community around us while coming together to celebrate our unique culture on the Crystal Coast. Over the past few years of events, we have been able to donate over $525,000 to local charities and nonprofit organizations. Through our sponsors’, members’, and culinary participants’ generosity and support, we are able to bring the community together, promoting appreciation of good food and community enrichment. For more information on participation and sponsorship, visit our website at

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