Thank you, Queen of Wines

Dylan Ray photo

This accomplishment could not have been possible without the Queen of Wines, herself, Laure Levesque.

Laure and her team are dedicated to expanding wine lovers’ palates and inviting them on a personal journey to the heart of French vineyards. With her partnership, we hope these wines enhance your Beaufort Wine and Food experience and help you think outside the bottle!

Ms. Levesque recently returned from l’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, France where she earned a Masters Bordeaux Trainer certification. With her extensive knowledge Ms. Levesque was able to recommend the three private label wines featured during the April 2017 event and in the BWF retail wine store.

Proceeds from the Beaufort Wine and Food Wine Store will go towards Beaufort Wine and Food’s ongoing mission to enrich life in Carteret County. Since the organization’s inception in 2004, almost $600,000 has been donated to charity and non-profits serving the Crystal Coast.

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