Mike Lee – Sono Sushi

Mike Lee, SONO sushi

Chef Mike Lee – Sono Sushi, Raleigh NC

Chef Mike Lee rolls a fusion of trad and trendy into the Triangle’s tastiest round treat. Chef and owner of the hottest “cold kitchen” in town, this Seoul native makes sushi—and a host of hot-kitchen Japanese staples — sexy (and scrumptious) at downtown Raleigh’s Sono (Japanese for “the”).

But the devoted husband and dad didn’t always plan on cookery. Lucky for us, it planned on him: “Honestly I wasn’t looking for cooking. I set out to be a computer engineer and in computer information systems, and my first year that changed. I think cooking found me, and I’m glad it did.”

With know-how he acquired via an assembly of years under two Master chefs, followed by training in over two dozen Japanese restos scattered across the U.S. (he came of age in the States), his boho approach has yielded the sweet success that is now Sono — or “the” spot to be.