Meet the Guest Chefs – Steve Goff, Standard Foods

Steven Goff - STANDARD FOODS copyMeet Steve Goff, Head Butcher at Standard Foods Raleigh

Steve Goff arrived in Asheville via train — but not as a paying passenger. Goff, an Asheville chef and former owner of King James Public House, first got to this city hopping trains, surviving on SpaghettiOs and peanut butter. Ten years before Goff would become a restaurant owner, he drifted into Asheville as a train-hopping vagrant, taking odd jobs in restaurants. He tried to get into welding, but couldn’t get a job outside of the kitchen. “I really wanted normal-guy hours,” he said. But having a daughter a few years later changed everything. “I wanted to be something my daughter could be proud of,” he said.

Goff is now living in the Raleigh-Durham area and is the Head Butcher at Standard Foods Raleigh, with Scott Crawford and John Holmes, he is helping add his talents as a butcher to their innovative restaurant and grocery concept.

Standard Foods Raleigh brings together food, farmers, and artisanal production methods from our region to create a unique culinary experience. In a time of mass-production and cheaper, faster foods, Goff and his fellow foodies aim to reintroduce the rich, agrarian history of the South through their incredible menu.

Standard Foods Raleigh

The other half of Standard Foods, and perhaps the most important part, is the grocery. The downtown store offers produce, dairy, and meat from small family farms, as well as seafood, flour, chocolate, cheeses, beans, preserves, prepared foods, charcuterie, and desserts. Goff leads the whole animal butcher shop, buying directly from farmers to offer the best meats to downtown Raleigh locals.

Goff prides himself in using Ray Family Farms’ grass-fed beef, Chatham Rabbit, Border Springs Farms lamb, Healthy Hen Farms’ chicken and Two Pigs Farm’s ducks. He’s also overseeing a house-made charcuterie program, where you can find his lardo, corned beef tongue, pork head cheese, and more available through the store and restaurant.

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