Meet the Guest Chefs – Nate Allen, Knife & Fork

Nate Allen is the chef/owner of Knife & Fork in Spruce Pine, NC. He is a father. He is a drummer. He is a friend of farmers. He has worked all over the world cooking and studying various cultural relationships to food. He is an entertainer who has always loved the magic that occurs when people break bread and share wine and time. A dedication to an authentic taste of time and place has led Nate on a mission to use only the most perfect locally available products. Nate works hard to prepare and present these products in a way that reflects the moods and tones of each micro season. Community is the main pillar of Nate’s philosophy. Nate is a man that takes his work very seriously, he loves cooking, and he loves you.

  Taste Nate’s mouthwatering cuisine at the 2017 Beaufort Wine and Food Weekend. Purchase your tickets today!