Meet the Guest Chefs – Michael Lee, M Sushi

Michael Lee started his professional culinary journey back in 1995 working from Southwest and venturing out to work in multiple cities within California, Arizona, Denver, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and eventually to North Carolina and opened Sono Sushi in 2008 at heart of downtown Raleigh.  After successfully operating Sono for a decade, Michael pursued his dream to opening a dedicated sushi and seafood restaurant in Downtown Durham, M Sushi.

Almost a year after M Sushi opened its doors, Michael has opened M Kokko, a restaurant dedicated to casual chicken dishes with Korean and Japanese influences.  With 4 more concepts in the works in the near future, Michael has, with heavy heart,decided to let go of Sono to fully concentrate on the current and future concepts in Durham.  M Kogi (a Korean restaurant that concentrates on Beef and Pork) along with M taco will be opening early 2018 with the remaining two concepts (Vegan & Chef’s Table) planned for early 2019 opening.

Ultimate goal for Michael is to use the knowledge and skills from opening these restaurants to create a non-profit restaurant that can easily be duplicated all over the area  and use the money generated by the restaurants to help people in need from our neighbors to people all around the globe while creating many jobs and opportunities for others.

Get your tickets and taste Chef Michael’s mouthwatering cuisine at the Beaufort Grocery Wine Dinner, Grand Reserve event and the popular Historic Wine Walkabout on Saturday!