Guest Winemakers – Eric Crane, Empire Distributing

Meet Eric S. Crane, Advanced Sommelier with Empire Distributing

Eric Crane, a Georgia native, is the Director of Training and Business Development for Empire Distributors, Inc. based in Atlanta. Since his love for wine began, Eric has achieved the title of Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators and the title of Advanced Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Eric Crane - Empire Distributors Inc

As Empire’s Director of Training, Eric regularly teaches classes on wine and spirits to his company and customers. It has been said that he likes to talk about wine almost too much, and loves the sound of his own voice, but we know Eric much better than that. In his spare time, he can be found spending time with his family or burying his nose in a good book. He’s also a pretty horrible dancer, in case you were wondering.

About Empire Distributors

Empire was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1940, starting as only two trucks, eight brands, and 149 accounts. The wine and spirits industry in Georgia was rapidly changing, but Empire continued to expand and flourish. Since then, Empire has practiced their mission in everything they do.

  • Our Customer is the most important person in our business.
  • Our Customer is not dependent on us – we’re dependent on him.
  • Our Customer is not interruption of our work – he is the purpose of our work.
  • Our Customer does us a favor when he calls – we are not doing him a favor by serving him.
  • Our Customer is part of our business – not an outsider.
  • Our Customer is not a cold statistic – he is a human being with feelings and emotions like our own.
  • Our Customer is not someone to argue or match wits with.
  • Our Customer is a person who brings his wants – it is our job to fill those wants.
  • Our Customer is deserving of the most courteous and attentive service we can give.
  • Our Customer is the life-blood of our business.

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