Guest Wine Principal – Marie-Christine Dumangin, Guy Dumangin

Meet Marie-Christine Dumangin, winemaker at the esteemed Guy Dumangin.

Winegrowers for 12 generations, the Dumangin family has been also making their wines for over 100 years. Their passion for quality guides them to only select wine growing and wine making techniques that are respectful of the grape and the vine, leaving enough time for each to go through the different maturing steps. Including the final wine that they keep in their cellar for 4 to 7 years, that is to say three times longer than what the Champagne appellation requires! Marie-Christine Dumangin, Pascal’s wife and the “face” of the estate, will be sharing their impressive wines at the wine dinner Thursday’s wine dinner at the Boathouse at Front Street Village, the Grand Reserve and the Saturday Vin de Mer and Walkabout events.

Learn more about this impressive family and taste the wine that has been enjoyed for generations at the 2017 Beaufort Wine and Food Festival. Get your tickets today!