Guest Wine Principal – Laure Levesque, Queen of Wines

Meet Laura Levesque, Queen of Wines!

A French native, Laure has been fortunate enough to grow up in a family strongly connected to wine, with vineyards in several wine regions in France, and for whom wine truly defines a way of life.

After a 20 year career in the corporate world as an International Marketing Executive, Laure decided to create Queen Of Wines LLC out of passion and with the mission to connect winemakers from smaller family-owned estates in France with wine lovers in the US. She started to source, import and distribute a curated selection of “gem wines” from a variety of terroirs & appellations. She also designed a very unique back label giving direct and easy access to all relevant information about each wine, making each glass of wine much more memorable and enjoyable.

Laure and her team are dedicated to expanding wine lovers’ palate and inviting them on a personable journey to the heart of French vineyards. To enhance your sensory experience, Queen Of Wines thinks out of the bottle with its innovative and educational label concept that simply guides you into the world of each wine. Explore the black labels and find your perfect bottle of gem wines at!