Guest Wine Principal – Andrew Miller, Ecosur Importers

Meet Andrew Miller and learn how he combined his goal of aiding economic growth in  developing countries with his passion for wine.

After graduating from Lynchburg College in 2000, Andrew Miller, originally from Salisbury, NC, moved to Argentina as a Rotary Ambassadorial scholar to continue his studies at the University of Buenos Aires. His post graduate work focused on sustainable economic development; however, the original goal of becoming a professor slowly eroded as he came to the realization that his studies and research were too “hands off” from his goal of improving the economic conditions in developing economies.

Convinced that the private sector could play a much more important role in the economic development of communities, he decided to start a company that utilized his studies in a real world manner. By implementing, or as he says watering down, the basic economic theory from his studies at the University of Buenos Aires, he started a company that took on development by working with small and medium sized companies, value added products and ecologically conscious industries. Essentially, like many others, he fell into the wine business because it aligned with all of the key tenets in his business model.

Ecosur Group, LLC, a family owned and operated company, currently imports wine from Argentina, Chile, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay, while offering a diverse portfolio of regions and products from each country with a special emphasis on Argentina. The belief that business should be mutually beneficial for all parties involved guides its approach and commercial strategy. Andrew and his team strive to work with producers that are responsible ecologically and socially without losing sight of the key components of sustainability that ensure long-term viability of his partners.

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