Wine Seminar and Artist Reception 4/26

Artist reception celebrates 2018 Featured artist: DOTTIE T. LEATHERWOOD. During this event, guests can mingle with the feature artist and enjoy wines from the Queen of Wines herself, Laure Levesque. On display in the gallery will be a full showing of Dottie’s work, including the 2018 signature painting, Russet Gold, donated to BWF by the artist.

  • Vision Art Gallery | 3 pm
  • Wine Principal: Laure Levesque, Queen of Wines


ABOUT THE WINES: Guests will be treated to 3 selections, chosen as Beaufort Wine and Food’s private Label for 2018; Cotes Du Rhone, Le Rose, and Viognier.

About the Winery: Nestled in the heart of the precious land of the Rhone Valley, a few kilometers from Avignon and Antic site “Pont du Gard”, the Cave des Vignerons de Tavel is half the Tavel appellation and has 650 hectares of vineyards.

Its geographical location (South of the Rhône Valley), is privileged and is characterized by a mild climate in winter and hot in summer with frequent periods of Mistral. The global grape varieties are composed primarily of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre.

A message from the artist;

“Painting to me is about capturing and preserving the emotion and energy of a moment in time using the simple instruments of brush and paint.  It is my hope that when you look at one of my paintings that you can see the beauty that I saw as I stood and painted, and you can feel my enthusiasm in the color and through the brushstrokes. 

I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and am very much a beach girl….right down to the depths of my soul.  I drew constantly as a child, wrote stories, and lived in the land of my vast imagination.  I’ve always loved the outdoors and grew up, like many kids of the 70’s, playing outside, fishing, riding horses, and putting millions of miles on my bike.  I think that love of land, whether it was the salty, sandy beach, the wide expanse of marsh grass, or the dirt roads,   quiet ponds, or cotton and cornfields out in the country, have greatly shaped my love of painting.  That nostalgia inspires me. 

2018 featured artist Dottie Leatherwood

I have always drawn my inspiration from nature and the bright clear light that I grew up with. Because of this, I prefer to paint on location, or plein air, to get a feel for my subject, and to try and capture the elusive energy of the moment.  My larger studio paintings are usually done from these sketches, studies, and the photographs that I have taken.  My art is all about layers of rich vibrant color and energetic brushstrokes. I am drawn to patterns and strong shapes in the landscape and love the challenge of creating order form the chaos.  If I can make the observer feel as though they are immersed and transported through the color and enthusiasm of my painting, then I have succeededPainting each and every day, and studying under nationally known artists gives me an opportunity to learn, grow and become a better painter.”

Beaufort Wine and Food would like to express its thanks for the continued support of Vision Gallery in Morehead City.

Vision Gallery is pleased to represent the work of Dottie Leatherwood.  The gallery is located at 4426 Arendell Street, Morehead City.  For more information on the gallery, please call 252-247-5550, or visit the website here.

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