2017 Beaufort Wine & Food Featured Artist: Libby Smart

Beaufort Wine and Food is pleased to introduce Libby Smart of Charlotte, North Carolina as our Beaufort Wine and Food Featured Artist of 2017. Libby’s career started with “Paint Smart,” a successful decorative painting business where she could share her gift with others. Twelve years later, Libby switched her focus to fine art.

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Her love for color and brushwork are evident throughout her work, evolving and becoming widely recognized by many through the years. She has studied both locally and abroad, where she finds great inspiration for her work. While Libby spends a great deal of time painting in her studio, one of her greatest passions is sharing her knowledge with other through workshops.

Libby’s work has been featured in Charlotte Home Design and Today’s Charlotte Women Magazine. You can find her work in several galleries throughout the Southeast, including Vision Art Gallery in Morehead City. Each year, our featured artist generously donated their one-of-a-kind work of art to Beaufort Wine and Food to auction at the Grand Reserve event in April.

Libby Smart 2017 Beaufort Wine and Food Featured Artist“I would describe myself as a colorist who sees beyond what most people see in nature.  A painting is about brushwork and color, not just painting what you see, but making it exciting so the viewer is constantly intrigued.

Drawing the viewer into a painting is what I think about.  Sometimes it’s the surface matter I start with, but the end result is how I place the colors and brushstrokes that make the painting come to life.

Although my style has changed and evolved over the years, my approach has always been the same.  I don’t use a formula and never over-think what I am working on.  Instead, I try and dive right in, letting it evolve.  My approach is to find subject matter that speaks to me, and then paint it with my own approach in mind, adding what I think will make it come to life.

People often make the comment ‘your paintings make me happy.’  If I have done just that, then I feel like the painting was a success.”

Join us March 4th for our Annual Art Unveiling and Wine Competition as we unveil Libby Smart’s featured painting and guests can cast their votes on the top wine to be poured at Vin de Mer in April. Be the first to purchase your print of the featured painting and meet the artist in person!

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